Thursday, February 05, 2004

----------- We also plan to apply for this ------------
: We are looking for an artist with specialist
: knowledge of new media to work with a group of young people to create an
: art piece

: The general theme of the piece is EU Enlargement - how this is explored or
: interpreted will be decided by participants. 25 young people - 1 from each
: European member state, including new states who will join the EU in May -
: will meet in Dublin at the end of April for one week, with the work being
: launched on Enlargement day, May 1st.
: Part of the process of creating this work will involve internet-based
: communication between these 25 young people and a lead artist, beginning in
: February. This internet 'forum' will allow the group to discuss the theme,
: what it means to them, decide what focus the piece of art work will take,
: and to upload ideas and raw material in the form of photographs, text,
: drawings and sound material. When they arrive in Dublin in April, much of
: the creative work will already be done. However, one week in real time will
: be spent together forming the final coherent statement or 'product' which
: will be exhibited to the public.

: I don't
: know if you or anyone else at Medialab would be available to give some time
: to this project in the next 3 months, but if you are I'd certainly welcome
: the opportunity to talk to you about it. Hope to hear from you soon.
: Regards,
: Margo Kenny
: National Youth Arts Programme
: National Youth Council of Ireland
: 3 Montague Street
: Dublin 2
: +353.1.4784122
: +353.1.4783974 (fax)
: arts@nyci.ie
: http://www.youtharts.ie
: ****************************************************************

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