Tuesday, February 10, 2004

THREE QUESTIONNAIRES from pilot on 06.02.2004

arianna, julian, marije, stefan, michael, valentia
6 people
3 men
3 women
1 irish
1 american
1 swiss
1 dutch
2 italian

arianna: wants to know about the system, the target user, wonders about the keywords and what might be able to trigger the system better. wonders if there is other material depending on the place within the city - how the city might affect the imagery shown. depends on timing - if there are hundreds of users you wouldn't know when your message would be displayed. response time is crucial. the content could change - the concert could be story of the band or information about the band - be more informative. would like to put pictures i took -

cati: multi-media aspect video and sound - change media type -

julian: writing

marije: the system is used for more commments in dublin people tend to comment more on frustrations and systems - loesje: - is the name -

sven: public portal anybody can interact with it. encouragement to interact with it.

general observations:
system does not respond quickly enough, nor does it change significantly enough to provide a visual tempo - the timing creates a sense of anxiety as we do not know when our image will appear - the images are too small it is hard to see the images

**what do you think about the subject?**
I'm not sure how the pictures connect to what is written - it seems to be a loose connection it might be better with just text alone, and each message on a seperate line.

**where would you see this project used?**
in a staduium on a big screen in a long line waiting to get into a club... or a movie theatre. inside a movie theater before the movie starts. anyplace people wait around for along time. in an airport waiting room. in a restaurant in a public square.

it woud be a fun way to have conversations with unknown strangers

**what themes ould you like to deal with using this system?**
maybe the system could introduce a topic or a picture of a celebrity or something and say "What do you think about it?" so the stuff coming in isn't so free form.

**what kind of interactivity would engage the users?**
- cellphone screen: works only if you have a lot of time to spend.
- keyboard screen: would be faster to type the messages.
- other: MMS pictures? (but might be pornographic things>)

**are there any other comments you would like to add**
put the phone number on the screen.
survey 02
**what do you think about the project?**
interesting idea - but needs more compelling "raison d'etre" - the theme being discussed makes or breaks the system and "postcards of dublin" isn't enough.

**where would you see this project used?**
use OC exposure - so a large public installation - a clever algorithm to limit abuse would be valuable to stop "young fellas" hijacking it.

another metric for capturing public opinion

**what themes would you like to deal with using this system?**
local politics, bin taxes, etc.

**what kind of interactivity would engage the users?**
- cell phone screen: yes
- keyboard screen: no

**are there any other comments you would like to add?**
would be interested in seeing:
/more charged theme
/multiple users, multiple views, displayed simulataneously
/visualizations of stats of input to date

survey 03
**What do you think about the project?**
I like the interaction with phones, but should be more interaction that makes sense. Doesn't see a narrative, just slogans, thoughts, very much like Mike's Project. What's added value? If I send SMS and another person soon after, only see my comment very short maybe, just white and black? pictures can be inspirational but also distractive

**Where would you see this project used?**
In dublin (The more [places in dublin] the better interesting to compare what happens in different places even all over the world. you could show narrative which took place anywhere in the other place.)

sounds very unoriginal, but was thinking a while ago and dublin would have something like 'public opinion' platform just for large interactive which enables users to be more critical about their town and inspires them to make it more beautiful.

**what themes would you like to deal with using this system?**
politics, buses, health care, taxis, but in a more minial ,nice, original way

**what kind of interactivity would engage the users?**
- cell phone screen: yes
- anything else?: other tangible interfaces like just a pen connected to a computer which is basically the same as writing with sms

**are there any other comments you would like to add?**
www.loesjie.nl (i'll send american link)
editing mode and moderating mode, uncensored mode, or a beautiful, best shot of mode.
prevent something happening like what you see under music channels: "I like peter", "greetings to sila", "ucd sucks", etc. not really interesting.

maybe have a story (narrative) playing all over dubline , on different screens, and iwth phone you can commment on a main character, etc. influence story, phone conversations on screen, have to thinks more about framework of course.

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