Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Meeting Sven and Cati 3rd of February

Success: The software is now on one machine (Cati's big mac), flash and max talking, with the flosc java console runing behind. Important link: http://www.benchun.net/flosc/

1- run the java app flosc
2- Open the flash file
3- Open Max, and clic on the text field to test (SMS simulation)

- To do -
  • meeting tomorrow 6pm Sven and Cati to connect to the sms server

  • Sven ask Ken to get the files to rebuild the sms server onto a mle machine, or to continue on the trinity one

  • look at another image processing than flash : jitter, processing (http://processing.org)

  • - Ideas -
    For the workshop, we could ask the different themes people would like to play around and deal with

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