Monday, January 26, 2004

Workshop ideas:

Goal of the workshop:
  • get an idea of how the users would use their cell phone to interact with a picture-message board depending on the place. (e.g. TexTales)

  • Get to know what could make the interface a mediator among users? Would the interface had to confront media messages? To superpose them? To mix them?
    (e.g. mixer-subverter for kids)

  • Media left: e.g. Secret message, provocative message, art work, sounds?
    Do they act on the others message?

    Example of a place depended media:
    - NCAD, users would leave art work, and maybe more provocative message.
    - Trinity College, maybe more informative

    What do we want the board to do? The board could engage the user in manipulating other’s media. The other could see a personal message, and wanting to give his personal response by the mean of a piece (picture, work, poem), provocative answer (own pictures, own tag).

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