Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tuesday's Meeting:

--------LINDA MEETING - new plans -----------


1. pilot test of current system : feb 05. deadline for feb. 06 workshop 2pm
2. text language analysis - find out / analyse text message language and common words - jokes, - this can be comprised of just the team going through information and data february 9th.
3. associate words with images - see how people assign different words to a collection of images feb 13th
4. have people pick images that correspond to a certain word feb 16th
5. from feb 16 - 23 revise prototype database
6. feb 23rd need rubric for evaluation and surveys!
7. 24th rough draft of short paper
8. 24th demo day at MLE - surveys!!! WITH rubric for evaluation
9. 25 debreif on demo -
10. 25 - 28th revise paper

age groups:
1. teenagers (computer club house - 14 + )
2. adults (our age? college?)


1. tech savvy
2. non-tech

recommendations for system
1. shorten words
2. accomodate slang words
3. look for humor in juxtaposition of image and text
4. literary theory
5. being able to "bomb" the system - or erase it through detonating pictures and words.
6. deflect obscenities through humor or public service announcements

meet with sven, coordinate getting system up and running

meet with cati - help to get system up and running

ALL: locate and ask people to join focus group on 06.02.2004

NEXT MEETING: 05,02.2004 - to discuss pilot discussion for next day

---------- OLD OLD NOTES - not necessarily valid anymore... ---------------
current direction and outline


1st SITUATED TEST - to commence immediately FEB 9th DURATION: 1 week

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