Friday, January 23, 2004


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Texting Glances meeting with Kaki 11.26.03

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Kaki references: social meaning of objects (Michael Csiksemihaly).

Cati’s : pictures from ur computer directly accessible from a cell phone as
a command device to navigate directly onto ur computer from ur cell phone

Kaki’s: look at a map to divide the parts of where to look: café shops
veruss trinity. we should look at the issues of a board in a public space
and make a low fi prototype to see the similarites and assumptions.

Take pictures every week. Survey of notice boards in the city
Notice the modifications every week, the kind of sign, and subversive
response (personal, general…)

3- look at secret signage (hearts, etc…) and different kind of support for
vandalism (rock, paper, trees…)

Literature survey of existing public signage projects. Document and observe
the differences between a waiting space (bus stop) and a walking by. Where
peopl act on their space.
–> to monitor passing space
Then, we do cross references between boards and waiting space

Literature survey also on secret signage, code messages
Texting language
Public message board digital
Content of sms in categories (emotional content)
Blog online verus context public message board

Compare this with shared and open system

Then, maybe focus on personal messages (sense of exitment of
unpredictability, a way of living a surprise) Leave something that noone
would understand expect the person concerned. The idea of public space to
display personal and “secrets” messages./ We could have different types of
boardsa and see how they function: political, concerts, and personal…

The 12th: first survey and look at commercial areas veruss parks. O connell
street, tmeple bart, stephen’s green and the liberties (next time).

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New ideas by cati like that on the fly
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- where could be text from? In front of the board or from anywhere. If in
front of the board, we could imagine a system that would detect the phone
like with blootooth… Infrared…
Then the board could have an application made to browse inside of ur
computer that u could load onto ur phone. (some applications exists already
to do that, maybe people could see the link on the board to download the

Big question: do we need to pass in front of the kiosk to leave some data?

- we could do a first rapid test with the icom at media lab europe. By
having the possibility to send sms to the icom, we could see how people use
it and leave message to a digital public board.

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