Friday, January 23, 2004


Protected: meeting with cati 11.26.2003 by kaki (kaki), in research: meetings

project: Texting Glances

End Goal: at least 3 prototypes (tests) before committing to final design specifications

Katherine quoting Csiksemihaly: Objects represent “continuity of self over time”

look at constraints, social, emotional, physical:
1) Texting language
2) System/Network behavior

need to determine 1) audience 2) scope


1.a. survey of notice boards
b. select specific boards for monitoring

make not of:

amt of institutional or designed signage
public input/modification to singage
“secret” or subversive signage
2.a. waiting spaces
b. passing spaces

select waiting spaces and passing spaces to observe

3. Cross reference first two items for patterns


Texting languages
Public Signage
DECEMBER 11, 2003 - 1pm first survey

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