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Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 17:01:21 +0000
Subject: Re: more notes
From: Cati
To: Katherine Moriwaki ,
sven anderson
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I think that is fantastic !

I am going to Paris, and center of France. I might do some as well.
It could be interesting to look at patterns during our survey, and it works
nicely with my personal interest on the appropriation and perspectives on
the environment by various communities.
Areas such as: City/versus park/ versus café…

We should try to make a list of specific places we would like to look at
after our mini survey on Friday, what do you both think?


On 12/2/03 15:47, “Katherine Moriwaki” wrote:

> what do we think about sven’s suggestions for doing some survey work in
> other cities?
> i will be back in los angeles for two weeks. i can do some there. sven will
> be in three east coast cities.
> might be a cool idea… of course we can only monitor dublin for any lenght
> of time, but for the initial survey - might be cool
> -k
——-sven —————
>hi guys
>thanks for the note katherine…i’ll be back in early-mid jan to begin
>work with this. in the meantime, would it be interesting / helpful for me
>to do some of the same surveying of message spaces / signage etc. in the
>US? i’ll be in boston / new york / philly this next month. or do we feel
>that the project should focus on dublin? god knows i haven’t been to new
>york in so long, they probably already have things like texting glances
>installed everywhere…

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