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Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 16:51:50 +0000
Subject: Re: meeting notes
From: Cati
To: Katherine Moriwaki
Cc: sven anderson
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 02 Dec 2003 16:58:54.0682 (UTC) FILETIME=[91A9ABA0:01C3B8F5]

On 12/2/03 15:34, “Katherine Moriwaki” wrote:

> At 16:22 02/12/2003 +0000, Cati wrote:
>> ———– ************* ———-
>> New ideas by cati like that on the fly
>> ———– ************* ———-
>> - where could be text from? In front of the board or from anywhere. If in
>> front of the board, we could imagine a system that would detect the phone
>> like with blootooth… Infrared…
>> Then the board could have an application made to browse inside of ur
>> computer that u could load onto ur phone. (some applications exists already
>> to do that, maybe people could see the link on the board to download the
>> soft).
>> Big question: do we need to pass in front of the kiosk to leave some data?
> good questions interesting ideas. personally i like the assertion of
> physical presence as integral to use. - let’s discuss.

Cool! me too We should discuss about the add-on by constraining our
system to a necessary physical presence of the user in the area of the
Public Board… Should be fun…

>> - we could do a first rapid test with the icom at media lab europe. By
>> having the possibility to send sms to the icom, we could see how people use
>> it and leave message to a digital public board.
> the graffiti wall already does this, and i wonder how many people would
> actually use it if installed in media lab europe. it’s such a closed and
> inaccessible environment. we can also set up the graffiti wall here on
> campus somewhere at trinity, and it has a larger and more diverse
> population passing through.

Yeah, makes sense..

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